• French traditions of handmade soaps

The Best of Provence and the South of France Online Boutique

We offer you the opportunity to discover the scents and flavors of Provence and the South of France thanks to our unique 'savoir-faire'. All of our products are made by local Provencal craftsmen. We always favor the products with a greatest respect for nature. Our gourmand recipes are created by a Chef who uses Provencal traditions for the highest satisfaction of our clients. We are very sensitive to the needs of future generations and our work is carried out with complete respect for the environment and sustainable development. We offer a wide range of Provencal products containing lavender, olives, and aromatic herbs. We also carry items made in other French regions with natural ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, Argan oil, spices, salts, mustards, etc...

Please try our website and let your imagination guide you through the scents, colors, and flavors that can bring you a moment of happiness.